Death For Fun & Profit

by Spiteful Urinator

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released October 8, 2013

Recorded September 2013 at Studio Blasphemy.



all rights reserved


Spiteful Urinator Hamilton, New Zealand

Several idiots from some shit bands past and present.

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Track Name: Shit Death
It stinks in the end, it reeks of failure and shit.
Missed opportunities in their coffins shake.

Born to the grave.
World of pain.
Shit death.
Track Name: Delete Delete
Prying eyes on you and me. Motherfucking G.C.S.B.
G.C.S.B. Their prying eyes on you and me.
Track Name: We Don't Miss You
So proud to be Kiwi but you don't live here anymore.
If you love it so much let's see you move back.
You don't know how it is, shut your stink hole.
Your clean green memories here are long fucking dead.

You're their problem now, we don't miss you.
Track Name: In It For The Music
Metal or Punk it's all the same, conformity's ugly ball and chain.
Don't care about your lyrics, banner of hope.
Draw the pentagram with my shit, hand you the rope!

In it for the music, my own brain works fine.
Don't need to hold wank hands with you to make up my mind.

Crave to be different, piss on your ideas.
It's the half arsed enemy in yourself that you fear.
Fuck what you think cause I live in my world.
Where your vege, nazi cock sucking shit can't be heard.

In it for the music, my own brain works fine.
Don't need to hold wank hands with you to make up my mind.
Track Name: Kill You With Cream
Feeding, shitting on my flesh
Crusty trails appear on my skin.
Parasites always outnumber their host.

Neck to toe kill you with cream!!

Laying eggs, sucking blood,
colonizing my fucking scalp.
Scabs piling up like termite hills
behind my ears.

Chemical war toxic shampoo
Track Name: Sounds Christian
My metalcore band's called Wall of Abstinence
How do you think you'll spend eternity?
I don't get wasted, I like to stay in control.

There's that one thing you forgot to mention
Look at you going round trying to get god's attention.

Here's a free sausage and a pamphlet about easter.
Marriage is sacred only for a woman and man.
My new metalcore bands called Brutal Exegesis.

What made you think we would fall for that
I'd be embarrassed to be worshipped by such a twat!!